Susan Hannigan

Kick Butt Coaching

When you need to hear things your friends won't tell you!


Sessions are $100 for a 45-minute session. I ask for a three-session per month commitment to get the best out of you and me. How long you want to continue this commitment is up to you. Most clients need to be coached for about three months to see real changes in their lives.

Your initial trial session is free!

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Phone: 845.750.0925

“Susan has been tremendously helpful as I sort through a career transition, not only helping me figure out what satisfies me professionally but how my career fits in with what I want out of my life. ... Perhaps more importantly, she encourages me to be forgiving when I'm too hard on myself, and she kicks my butt when I don't put in a full effort. The harder the homework, the more rewarding it turns out to be. Susan is funny, compassionate, and insightful. She's exactly what I want in a coach.” – Jane L.

Coaching: Because your friends won't tell you everything and your mother thinks you're perfect!    ~ Susan